Best Blender for Protein Shakes

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Have you ever felt great after a workout and went home to a protein shake just to find that it is full of chunks of protein? I dealt with it for YEARS until I decided to finally find a new blender that would allow me to make top notch protein shakes. There are so many blenders out there and you may be lost as to where to start when looking for a blender for protein shakes. Whether space, versatility, or cost is an issue, we compiled a list of our “best blenders for protein shakes” to help you find just the right blender for you. We will review some products, tell you what to look for, and share our top picks.

Best Blenders for Protein Shakes

NutriBullet Blender Combo – Best Overall Pick

NutriBullet NBR – 0601 – Easiest to Use

Vitamix E320 – Pro’s Pick

Hamilton Beach Power Elite Blender – Budget Pick

Ninja Professional Countertop Blender – Best Overall Runner Up

Our Reviews – the Best Blenders for Protein Shakes

NutriBullet Blender Combo – Best Overall Pick

Let’s start with the blender that impressed us all and can work for almost anyone. The NutriBullet Blender Combo is adjustable as it comes with one 64 oz pitcher, one 32 oz and one 24 oz cups, and two to-go lids. It’s an overall wonderful blender for you to enjoy your protein shakes on the go or even at the gym. It has a strong motor with 1200 watts of power that allows you to try out new recipes that aren’t just protein shakes. Now let’s be honest, we know we came for protein shakes, but if you are going to purchase a blender, wouldn’t a strong and versatile blender be a better purchase? You can make foods such as: nut butters, sauces, and even soups. It’s a real bang for your buck and will easily handle protein shakes. You won’t have to worry about drinking a chunky protein shake and can even choose to crush ice for a cold and refreshing shake with some added thickness. I recommend this to someone who is looking to invest in an overall quality blender that will last them for years to come.

What We Liked:
  • Powerful blender
  • 1-year warranty
  • Extra accessories
What We Didn’t Like:
  • Smaller blender cups may need to be replaced
  • Very loud

NutriBullet NBR – 0601 – Easiest to Use

Next, we have another blender from the NutriBullet brand, the NutriBullet NBR-0601. It’s a sweet little blender that can get you out the door right away if you’re in a hurry. It’s great for a quick shake as it’s easy to use, clean, and store. Though convenient, some features are taken out to make it affordable and simple. You won’t get a high power blender, even though at 600 watts it still has decent power. It also doesn’t give you the option to change the speed nor does it have pre-programmed settings. So now that we went over some missing features, let’s go over what there is to love about it.

This is about the simplest blender you will ever use. To use it, you simply add your ingredients, screw on the top, and press it into the base. If you don’t have to worry about preparing protein shakes for a large number of people and want convenience, this blender is definitely the way to go. 

What We Liked:
  • Easy to clean and use
  • Great for storage
What We Didn’t Like:
  • Lack of settings/speeds
  • Not as powerful as other blenders

Vitamix E320 – Pro’s Pick

The Vitamix E320 is a powerful and high-end blender that I recommend for our more experienced users. This blender is super versatile, powerful, and sure to last you for years to come. It comes with a 7-year warranty, which makes it a worry free purchase. It definitely is on the costlier side, but you’ll see why when you discover the quality of this blender. You have several speeds to choose from including a pulse feature. This will come in handy when you want to crush ice or get a different and chunky texture from your foods. Besides smoothies and protein shake, this blender can open up possibilities in your kitchen with its strong blades and the heating functions it’s capable of. Whether you need to chop, blend, or grind, you are sure to find a setting that will get you the desired texture for your recipe. It has so much more potential than to be used for just protein shakes, but I had to add it on the list for readers who want a high quality and long-lasting blender. You can upgrade your lifestyle with top notch protein shakes and healthy recipes with this blender.

What We Liked:
  • Control of speed settings
  • 7-year warranty
  • Versatile and powerful
  • Self-cleaning feature
What We Didn’t Like:
  • On the pricier side

Hamilton Beach Power Elite Blender – Budget Pick

The Hamilton Beach Power Elite Blender is one of the most affordable blenders on this list. It’s an efficient and reliable blender especially for protein shakes. It comes with a 64 oz glass pitcher, so it’s perfect if you want to make protein shakes for several people or just for yourself. Depending on where you stand, you may or may not like the glass pitcher. Some people find plastic pitchers to be cheap, and others find glass pitchers to be heavy. It really just depends on your preference, but there is no real right or wrong answer. Besides its hefty build, this product is great for anyone looking to find something specifically for blending protein shakes. It has decent strength running at 700 watts, which is pretty typical of normal household blenders. By no means is it a high end blender in terms of power, but it gets the job done. You can blend your protein shakes in a matter of minutes and you will love the wave action tech that ensures all contents get blended well. You may want to let it blend a little longer to make sure it gets all the powder, but this way you will make sure to have a fully blended protein shake!

What We Liked:
  • Affordable
  • 3-year warranty
  • Pre-programmed settings
What We Didn’t Like:
  • Not as powerful 
  • Heavy pitcher

Ninja Professional Countertop Blender – Best Overall Runner Up

Lastly, we have the Ninja Professional Countertop Blender. Known for its power and adjustability, this powerful blender has 1100 watts of power. This high power allows it to blend the toughest and thinnest of foods. It blends protein shakes really well so you won’t have to worry about any protein clumps. Overall, it’s a great product for those looking for a quality blender at a reasonable price. It is well rounded so you get a taste of each feature a blender has to offer. The blades are strong, there are several pre-programmed settings to choose from, and you can choose your serving sizes. This protein shake blender is pretty loud, so if you are a morning gym-goer, it may wake the others in your place. It’s also a tall protein shake blender, so storing it can be an issue. If you have the space, you will likely want to leave it on the countertop. Those are just some minor things to think about, but besides that, it certainly is a high-quality blender.                              

What We Liked:
  • Additional accessories includedtruv
  • Powerful 
  • Several settings to choose from
What We Didn’t Like:
  • Very tall, awkward to store
  • Loud

How to Pick the Best Blender For Protein Shakes for You

While all the protein shake blenders on our list are great in their own way, how do you pick the one that’s right for you? By thinking about what you want in a blender for protein shakes, you can narrow down the options to find the perfect blender for you. Here is what you will want to keep in mind when picking the perfect protein shake blender for you.

Convenience/ Portability

When it comes to blenders, not many are too portable. You will be best off making your shake at home with an extra bottle in order to transport it, but some blenders for protein shakes save you that trouble. Blenders like the NutriBullet come with small pitchers or additional accessories so you can take your protein shake on the go. With a busy schedule, having a convenient blender that lets you transport your shake easily just saves stress and time. Assuming you are making a protein shake for yourself, one of the “best blender for protein shakes” options is one that gives you the option to take for yourself is essential. The size of the pitcher is also important in this regard, which brings us to our next point.

Size and Quality

So we talked about portability, which means that the pitcher size will probably run small if it’s portable. The size of both the pitcher and blender may impact you more than you think! Having a small blender can be pretty limiting, especially if it’s not that powerful. For example, the NutriBullet NBR-0601 is a great introductory blender that works great for individual use, but it’s not that strong. The quality of the pitcher is also not as great as others on the list so you may need to replace it. The huge upside of course is the convenience of not just taking it on the go, but also the space it saves in storage. If you have very limited kitchen space, then a small blender would better suit you. Some are too tall or wide to store, and counter space is precious. When thinking about size, it’s both the pitcher and the base you will want to consider.  

Other than the size, it’s also important to consider the quality. Many blenders are made from plastic, which is usually not an issue if you are okay with plastic. High-grade plastic makes all the difference as they don’t scratch and stain as easily. Plastic pitchers are also much lighter, so they’re easier to move around. If you opt for a glass pitcher, just know that they are heavy and bulky. There are less quality concerns with glass pitchers, but they are a lot heavier.

Versatility and Additional Accessories

So maybe you are wondering if a blender is even necessary for a protein shake. I’m sure you’ve used mixers and shook and shook the bottle just to get a clumpy protein shake. It’s happened to me and that’s why I made the switch to a blender. It’s made a world of difference, especially because protein powder is meant to bind to moisture. Shaking can get tiring and there seems to be no point in just buying one if you can’t even enjoy your protein shake. With that said, getting a blender specifically for that purpose is a good reason, but blenders can offer so much more. Versatile blenders helped me maintain a healthy lifestyle and cultivated my relationship with food. Some are better for frozen treats, and others can even help you make foods such as soups and salsas. If you are starting your fitness journey and want to experiment more in the kitchen, a versatile blender is definitely the way to go.

Besides versatility, we want to look at the additional accessories of the blender. A versatile blender has to come with several settings and decent power in order to make all those different recipes. For protein shakes, the most important part is that you get a smooth texture, but that can’t be done with just any blender. Just how some blenders can’t get thin, leafy greens like spinach, they won’t always get the fine protein powder. It’s important to consider a blender that comes with various settings to help you achieve that smooth taste or one that comes with technology that mixes well rather than spread everything across the pitcher. For example, The Hamilton Beach Power Elite Blender comes with wave action tech that makes sure all the ingredients touch the blades at some point to blend.

So now that we cleared up why blenders are needed to make a protein shake and how it can greatly improve your experience, it’s time to move onto our picks. After assessing your needs, let’s go over what is the best blender for protein shakes that work best for your lifestyle.

Our Picks

Best for beginners

For our newbies out there that have little to no experience with a blender, the NutriBullet NBR – 0601 was our “easiest to use” pick for its overall simplicity and convenience. It may be limited in the fact that it doesn’t have any speed settings, but at least it won’t leave you guessing. Anyone who is new to using a blender for protein shakes will appreciate how fast the whole process is. No more time wasted on constant shaking and shaking. It’s easy to blend, clean, and store. I used this during my college years, and with the difficulty of balancing my schedule, this blender made my trips to the gym fast and easy.

Best for kitchen pros

Now if you are a more experienced user and want a high-quality blender that does more than just mix protein powder, you might appreciate our next pick. The Vitamix E320 was our “pro’s pick” for its power, versatility, and durability. I would recommend this to anyone who has used a blender for their protein shakes before and want to continue their journey of a healthy relationship with food. You can create healthy dips, soups, and frozen treats with this blender. Though it is on the pricier side, it is sure to pay for itself and it can last you up to a decade. It comes with a generous 7-year warranty, so you can feel secure with your purchase knowing that it should last for some time. It’s a pretty popular brand and those who make the investment, in my experiences, are satisfied with the purchase.

Best for budget buyers

We just got done talking about a very high end blender, but maybe you don’t want to make that big of a commitment. For our “budget” pick, we chose the Hamilton Beach Power Elite Blender. As I said earlier, it’s not as powerful as the rest, but it certainly will get the job done when it comes to protein shakes. It’s also a pretty cost-efficient choice since it has decent power and a sweet 3-year warranty. Some of the other blenders don’t even offer that! You should also keep in mind that it is one of our only glass pitcher products. It’s heavy but certainly manageable. It’s a safe pick and one that can serve as an introduction to the world of blenders out there.

Best overall

Finally, we are at our last two blenders. Both were in the running for our “best blenders for protein shakes overall” pick, but we did come to a conclusion. The NutriBullet Blender Combo was our “best blender for protein shakes overall” pick, while the Ninja Professional Countertop Blender was our “best blender for protein shakes overall runner up.” What it ultimately came down to was the power and versatility of the NutriBullet. Let’s talk about why the NInja was considered first. The Ninja blender is powerful, comes with accessories, and has several settings to choose from. It can easily get the job done for protein shakes and also offers to-go options. The only issue was the size made it awkward to store and not ideal for everyone’s lifestyle. It is also versatile, but not as versatile as our best overall pick. It’s a great blender that I do recommend, but it just fell short in some areas.

As for the NutriBullet Blender Combo, it offered so much for its value. It is powerful, versatile, and convenient. There are many different settings to choose from as well as pitcher sizes. Whether you want to make your own personal protein shake or prepare some for your gym buddies, this blender has got your back. It is also very versatile in its functionality, so you can tackle those different recipes that call for the use of a blender. This product will also take care of that clump mix, so you can kiss chunky protein shakes goodbye. The last thing I want to address is storage. It is a convenient size that can fit on your kitchen counter or your cabinets. All in all, it’s a well rounded and thought out product. Truly a bang for your buck deal.

Though we loved our reviewed blenders, there was one clear winner that shined above the rest. I want to reiterate that our “best overall pick was the NutriBullet Blender Combo with the Ninja Professional Countertop Blender being our “best overall runner up.” We got to review some awesome products and talk about why they work well compared to others. Some blenders are better for protein shakes than others, but we shouldn’t waste the potential of a kitchen appliance when it can offer so much more. So the next time you are shaking your blender bottle or get stuck drinking some clumps of protein shake, don’t’ forget that there is an easier way to make one of the best protein shake consistencies. Blenders are definitely something you should consider and we hope our list helped narrow down your options.