Best Twin Gear Juicer – Our Reviews and Buying Guide

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If you are looking for a twin gear juicer, then chances are you already have some experience with juicing and either want to try out a twin gear juicer or want to upgrade to a new one. If you don’t know what a twin gear juicer is, think of a masticating juicer but upgraded. Instead of one auger, you now have two gears grinding your fruits and vegetables to turn them into juice. These twin gear juicers are also called triturating juicers. 

With two augers, you can expect a high juice yield, very dry pulp, and a lot of juicing versatility. If you’re in the market for a twin gear juicer, it’s best to take some time to find the best twin gear juicer for you. As these tend to be on the more expensive side, doing some research will help you make sure you make the right choice. We took a look and compared some of the best twin gear juicers available today to help you decide which would be the best pick for you.

The market for twin gear juicers is a bit smaller since they are more of a specialty item. There are a couple brands out there, but Tribest has the best reputation in the market so we chose to focus on them exclusively. While there may not be a ton of twin gear juicers on the market, one of the triturating juicers we’ve reviewed should be a good fit for most home juicers. 

The Best Twin Gear Juicers 

Tribest GSE-5050 Greenstar Elite – Best Overall Pick

Tribest Greenstar Pro – Pro’s Pick

Tribest GSE-5000 Greenstar Elite – Best Overall Runner Up

In Search of the Best Twin Gear Juicer – Our Reviews

Tribest GSE-5050 Greenstar Elite – Best Overall Pick

If you’re juicing at home and looking for a twin gear juicer, the Tribest GSE-5050 Green Star Elite would be a great choice. It’s one of the the best twin gear juicers on the market because it’s so easy to use and is built to last. It has an awesome warranty, proves to be reliable over extended use, and produces so much juice! 

This twin gear cold press juicer has 2 high quality stainless steel gears. The twin gears have cutting points that complement each other to squeeze every last drop of juice out of the foods and herbs you put in it. The stainless steel gears rotate at 110 rpms which is faster than most single gear masticating juicers. This higher speed allows you to juice a bit faster than with other juicers, but the twin gears enhance the quality at the higher speed.

As far as function, this juicer is easy to use. For items that may be tougher to juice, there is a reverse function to help you get the juicer unclogged. It’s fairly large at around 19” long, 13” high, 7” wide, and weighs just over 17 pounds. This twin gear juicer is a serious piece of equipment so you may not want to move it around too much!

When it comes time to clean up, this juicer is fairly easy to clean. As with other twin gear juicers, there are quite a few parts but they can all be cleaned with mild soap and water. The manufacturer recommends staying away from harsh chemicals to keep the juicer performing at its best.

Overall, this juicer is a great option for anyone looking for a twin gear juicer. It will get through your fruits and vegetables with no problems. It can also handle nuts, grains, and herbs, so you can get more creative in the kitchen. 

What We Liked:

  • Extremely durable and ready to go for extended use
  • Reliable with a great 12 year warranty plan
  • Easy Assembly and disassembly
  • Stainless steel look that will look great in any kitchen

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Cleaning can prove to be a hassle for those who are just looking for a quick juice to take to go or before a hasty morning commute

Tribest Greenstar Pro – Pro’s Pick

The Tribest Greenstar Pro is the twin gear juicer for the professionals in the audience. This model is similar to the Green Star Elite juicers, but this is also rated for commercial use. If you dream about starting your own juicery or want to bring the high quality juice from your favorite juice shop to your own kitchen, this would be one of the best twin gear juicers for you. 

The Greenstar Pro is almost the same dimensions as the Green Star Elite, but weighs about 9 pounds heavier. This heavy duty triturating juicer also has bio ceramic magnetic twin gears so you can get the absolute most juice out of harder to juice items like soft fruits and leafy greens. 

When it comes to using this juicer, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Even though this is a commercial grade twin gear juicer, it’s easy to assemble and relatively easy to clean. This juicer can handle pretty much any fruits and vegetables or leafy greens with no problems. If you want to get more creative in the kitchen, you can also use this twin gear juicer to make nut butters. 

By using this juicer you’ll be sure to maximize the juicing potential of your foods or herbs. As evidence, you’ll have some extremely dry pulp! If you’re looking for one of the heftiest twin gear juicers out there, this would be a great choice.

What We Liked:

  • The juicing process feels relatively quick and is just as fresh, if not, more nutritious than other masticating juicers
  • It’s a hefty one! Made of stainless steel, this product definitely doesn’t feel cheap
  • Convenient tamper and tamper holder for when not in use

What We Didn’t Like:

  • It’s on the pricier side 
  • The color looks a little bland
  • Difficult to store and move around due to its size and weight

Tribest GSE-5000 Greenstar Elite – Best Overall Runner Up

Lastly, let’s talk about the Tribest GSE-5000 Greenstar Elite. It’s also a pretty big juicer, but definitely not too bulky. Weighing in at 17 pounds, this powerful twin gear juicer is sure to meet the needs of someone who is looking for something more affordable. It does have an awkward size, so it may be difficult to store, but still manageable enough to keep on a kitchen counter. 

What’s really nice about this juicer is the many accessories that come with it. It is definitely reliable for daily use, but it may be time consuming because of the chute size. You will need smaller batches for harder foods, but does well with softer foods overall. It’s great for those who have a consistent diet and know what they want to juice each day.

This juicer is almost identical to the GSE-5050 above, but this juicer has a white body.

What We Liked:

  • On the more affordable side for twin gear juicers
  • Comes with a: glass juice pitcher, wooden and plastic plunger, and cleaning brush. 
  • Reliable for daily use for those who want to juice on the daily

What We Didn’t Like:

  • Mesh screen feels a little sensitive and takes time to clean
  • Also has some plastic parts

Picking the Best Twin Gear Juicer for You

So now that we listed a few of our picks, let’s get into some questions you may have or should be asking yourself to find the best twin gear juicer. What are the advantages of owning a twin gear or how committed should you be if you want to buy one? What should you expect when you finally buy it? These are all great questions to ask that will help narrow down your options.

What to Expect Out of Every Triturating Juicer: Advantages and Benefits

As you can tell by now, twin gear juicers are a commitment. These juicers are some of the most efficient and reliable products on the market, hence their high prices. They do their job, and they do it well. Your twin gear juicer will give you a foam free and nutrient packed juice. When you compare the efficiency of the best twin gear juicers to say centrifugal juicers, the difference will be apparent in how bright and clear the juice is. 

For those who are not familiar with the process, twin gear juicers work just like a masticating juicer (also known as a cold press or slow press juicer). These juicers work by slowly rotating your choice of fruits or veggies through a mesh screen using two gears. They typically run at around 100 rotations per minute and don’t allow much heat or oxidation to happen in the process. This results in longer lasting juices that you can store for several days in the fridge. If you’re looking to do juice prep, a cold press juicer is a must!

Personally, my favorite part is that twin gear juicers don’t struggle as much in terms of inputs like other masticating juicers would. The 2 augers are helpful in that you can juice the thinnest, or more fibrous foods without much struggle. You will see that single gear masticating juicers struggle at times with leafy greens, or thin foods, like wheatgrass, because they can’t reach them. With 2 augers, usually made of stainless steel, you can really make the most of whatever it is you’re juicing. You won’t be disappointed with these top of the line juicers.

Bottom line, with a twin gear you should expect:

  • Fresh, longer lasting drinks that you can refrigerate for up to 3 days
  • Durability for daily use
  • A quiet process that doesn’t wake the whole house
  • Functionality that is better than a single auger and can work well with most fruits and vegetables
  • Efficiency, as they maximize your foods to their fullest potential and get the most juice yield
  • Versatility! It’s more than just a juicer. You can also extrude pasta, grind coffee, make baby food, and create sorbets

What to Keep in Mind

We talked about the benefits, but what are the downsides that come with twin gear juicers? 

Well first, they do become a bit more difficult to assemble because there are more parts. The cleaning process is also lengthy because there are more parts to clean. The process of juicing isn’t really faster, but you won’t have to juice everyday because the juicers can last several days in the refrigerator. 

Another factor is size. These juicers are quite big and take up more space, so it may not be ideal for someone in a small apartment or with limited space in the kitchen. You need to keep in mind that there is a bit more time and money involved, but after long term use, you will find that they pay for themselves. You won’t have to buy another juicer for a long time, and you won’t have to juice everyday if you choose to store your drinks. 

If you have the space, don’t mind the extended cleaning process for a several day supply of juice, and are looking for the highest quality juice, a twin gear juicer would be a great fit for you.

The Best Twin Gear Juicers – Our Picks

We introduced to you 3 different juicers and you are probably wondering, “which works best for me?” 

Our Pro’s Pick is the Tribest Greenstar Pro for many reasons. Made of stainless steel and weighing over 20 pounds, this reliable giant is built to last. This juicer may not be great for someone with minimal kitchen space or for someone who doesn’t isn’t familiar with juicing. This is not a “foot in the door product” nor for the faint of heart, this requires an investment of time and money. That said, it’s a super high quality product that will make quality juicer, and last you a while.

We were between 2 for our best overall pick and ultimately chose the Tribest GSE-5050 Greenstar Elite, with the Tribest GSE-5000 Greenstar Elite being our runner up.

Overall, these juicers are very similar with the major difference being the appearance! The GSE-5050 has an attractive chrome body that looks great in any kitchen. The GSE-5000 has a white body which gives it a more classic look. If you want to keep your kitchen looking put together, choose the option that’s going to look better on your countertop!

Wrapping Up

Our best overall pick is the Tribest GSE-5050 Greenstar Elite for its quality, price, style, and its value!

The Tribest GSE-5050 Greenstar Elite is a great option for most juicers looking to get into the twin gear world. It’s super durable, comes with a great warranty, and produces nutritious and long lasting drinks. It’s a great product that produces high quality juice and is a joy to use!