Black and Decker Powercrush Blender Review

The world of blending seems to have gotten quite complicated in recent years. Nowadays there are so many blenders on the market with difference features, sizes, materials, and price points. What if you just need a basic blender to get the job done with no nonsense?

If you’re looking for a high quality and easy to use blender under $50, the Black+Decker Powercrush Blender may be the perfect blender for you.

In this review of the Powercrush blender, we’ll dive into the details of this blender to help you decide if it’s the right pick for you. We’ll go through the basics of this blender, some pros and cons, and what others think of this blender. If you decide you want to look at some other blenders before making your decision, we’ll recommend some additional options for you to take a look at before making a purchase.

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Black+Decker Powercrush Blender

Overview of the Black and Decker Powercrush Blender

The Brand

To start, you may recognize the brand that makes this blender, Black+Decker. Black and Decker makes all kinds of things, with a large focus in power tools. Started in 1910, Black+Decker have been around a long time and with this blender brought their years of experience making high quality tools to the world of kitchen appliances.

With the powercrush blender, you can rest assured that a high integrity brand is behind the product. If there are any issues with the blender, they also have 2 year warranty.

The Blades

When it comes to blending, a blender is really only as good as its blades. With the Black and Decker powercrush blender, you’ll have a 4 tip blending blade made from stainless steel. The 4 tips will make sure that anything you’re blending will get blended to the perfect consistency.

The shape of the blending blade works together with the shape of the jar to create a constant flow that makes sure all the contents of the jar get pushed down towards the blades. This premium blender blade design ensures you will have smooth blending no matter if you want to make blended drinks, crush ice, or are create delicious smoothies.

No matter what you’re blending, these blades will ensure your contents are met with fast blending performance.

The Jar

The Powercrush blender from Black and Deceker has a 6 cup glass jar. A Glass blender jar can be somewhat polarizing but are a great option for many people. Glass jars are durable and will look good for the life of the blender.

The tough part about a glass jar is that they’re much more fragile than plastic, so you’ll want to make sure to keep this away from anyone with clumsy hands.

The lid that comes with the blender jar is actually quite versatile as well. It opens in two places and has a pouring spout that will make it easy to get your perfectly blended creation into a cup or other storage device.

You can also use the ingredient slot on the jar’s lid to add ingredients to your blend while blending. This is super helpful when you’re adding things as you go or want to make adjustments as you blend.

In the event you aren’t a fan of this glass jar or want a smaller blender jar, you can simply purchase a Black+Decker single serving blender jar that will fit right onto the base. With this addition, this blender can truly become a personal blender that rivals the Nutribullet.

The Motor

This blender has a motor that can generate up to 700 watts of power at peak performance but operates at 350 watts of power. This is plenty of power for most home users but this is by no means a super powerful blender.

If you are just making milkshakes, smoothies, dips, and the occasional frozen drink, this should be plenty of power. If you are continuously blending up lots of tough fruits or veggies, you may want to look for a blender with more maximum power.

The Operation

Operating this blender is about as easy as it gets. As far as personal blenders go, there can be a ton of complicated settings that may just add more headache to using this blender.

There are no fancy screens or options here, just 5 buttons, including an off button.

There are two continuous functions, “Lo and Hi”, and two pulsing functions, “Lo and Hi.”

The continuous functions are great if you are making smoothies, icy drinks, or a puree. If you are looking to crush ice, make a dip, or a chunky salsa, the pulse function will come in handy.

While this blender may not have many preset options, if you don’t mind keeping an eye on what you’re blending, this probably won’t be an issue.

The Maintenance

While a blender doesn’t really require maintenance so to speak, it will need to be cleaned. Blenders can be a bit difficult to clean so you’ll be glad to learn this blender is completely dishwasher safe. The glass jar can go right in the dishwasher along with the blades and the blender lid.

If you prefer to wash things by hand or don’t have a dishwasher available, standard dish soap will do the trick.

Pros and Cons of the Black Decker Powercrush

Now that we’ve looked at some of the basic talking points of the Black Decker Powercrush blender, let’s look at some pros and cons of this blender.

What we liked:

  • Simple to use
  • Affordable
  • Dishwasher safe with removable parts
  • Glass jar
  • Ability to purchase personal blender jar
  • Slip resistant rubber fit on the base

What we didn’t like:

  • No preset functions
  • No very high powered

What Are Others Saying

Now that we’ve gone over some of the basics of this blender, let’s take a look at what some other users are saying.

The Good

Most people who purchased this blender seem to be surprised about how high quality it is for the price. Based on other blenders around this price point, I think the glass jar makes it feel a lot sturdier for the money.

Other people who have bought this blender say it can easily make iced drinks, crush ice, and make smoothies.

People are also big fans of how easy it is to clean. Being dishwasher safe, it really can’t get much easier than that

The Bad

Most of the unsatisfied customers seemed to have gotten faulty products. They report the blender either not working upon arrival or not working after a short time using the blender. Luckily, this is a small amount of purchasers and Black and Decker has a two year warranty on this item should this happen to you.

The Alternatives

This blender by Black and Decker is certainly a great option if you’re just looking to do basic blending at home. That said, there are a quite a few other blenders on the market that could also do just fine that may be a better fit for you.

Here are a couple alternatives to the powercrush blender that you may want to consider before making a purchase.

Black+Decker Powercrush vs. Blendtec Total Classic

If you like the classic look and simple design of the Powercrush blender but want some more power and features, the Blendtec Total Classic could be a great option.

The Blendtec Total Classic is quite a bit more powerful than the Powercrush, with 1560 watts of power at peak performance. In addition to having more power, the Blendtec Total Classic also has some preset functions but maintains a sleek design.

Where these blenders differ is in the price point and pitcher material. The Blendtec blender is quite a bit more expensive and has a plastic jar instead of a glass jar.

Black+Decker Powercrush vs. Cleanblend Commercial Blender

Are simple features what drew you to the Black and Decker blender but you just need some more power? The Cleanblend Commercial blender may be perfect for you.

With a huge 1800 watts of power, the Cleanblend blender will have absolutely no problem crushing ice in large quantities. If you make lots of icy drinks and don’t want to worry about your blender getting jammed, the Cleanblend would be a great choice.

It has a super simple design with just an on off switch, speed knob, and pulse feature. It’s pitcher is made from BPA free plastic and you can toss it right in the dishwasher.

The big differences between the two again are the price point and pitcher material. The Cleanblend is not quite as expensive as the Blendtec blender but is certainly more costly than the powercrush.

For a more in depth review of the Cleanblend Commercial Blender, click here!

Wrapping Up

All in all, the Black and Decker powercrush blender is a great, no nonsense blender that will get the job done. It doesn’t have a ton of power or preset features, but it does have high quality construction and will get the job done. You won’t need to worry too much about any maintenance as all the components are dishwasher safe and if anything goes wrong you have a strong brand behind the product with a two year warranty.

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