Juice Recipes for Beginners

So you just got your new juicer, now what?

Or maybe you’ve had your juicer for a while and are looking to shakes things up.

No matter where you are in your juicing journey, it can be easy to get stuck in a rut. Making the same juices everyday isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it can get a bit boring.

If you’re looking to shake up your juicing routine, we’re right there with you. Sometimes you just need a few recipe ideas to get the juices flowing! That pun was intended.

We’ve compiled some of simplest juice recipes from around the web. These recipes are great starting points for new juicers and can also spark inspiration for the more experienced juicers in the audience!

Simple Juice Recipes

Here are a few juice recipes based on when you’re juicing! While all these juices would be great at any time of day, we tried to pick juices that may be better for you based on when you’re drinking them. Here we go!

A Fresh Start

We all know the feeling when you eat a stack of pancakes to get your day started. Tastes great going down but you need a nap an hour later! If you’re looking for a simple juice to start your morning with, this Detox Morning Veggie blend is a great place to start. With 5 common ingredients this juice recipe is unintimidating for beginners but still packs a punch!

Mid Morning Pick Me Up

We’ve all been there – it’s not quite lunch time but you can’t get snacking off your mind. If you don’t want to reach for a snack or just dive into lunch at 10:30am, this juice recipe will having you feeling full but not bogged down. Even though it’s named a weight loss juice, this recipe is great for anyone looking for a refreshing, filling juice between meals. The carrots will give have you feeling satiated and the lemon will keep you from needing that 2nd (or 3rd?) cup of coffee!

Afternoon Delight

The time between lunch and dinner can sometimes feel like an eternity. If you are looking to stay away from snacking or coffee, a ginger shot may be just the thing you need! While not a full juice, ginger shots can help with immunity, digestion, and the 2pm wake up call that you need!

The Night Time Blend

While it may be tempting to reach for a glass of wine or a scoop of ice cream after dinner, this juice recipe is a great substitute. Not only will it help you get more vegetables into your diet, it will help to relieve stress with the magnesium in the spinach. This juice will have you feeling relaxed and ready to ease into bedtime.

If you want to add more greens, add some kale!

Wrapping Up

Well there you have it. 4 amazing juice recipes for both beginners and juicing experts look for inspiration! One of the great things about juicing at home is the ability to add or remove anything you want. If you see these are missing your favorite ingredient or they have your least favorite, make some changes to make them your own!

These juices are easy to enjoy any time of day and will leave you feeling energized and refreshed. Happy juicing!