Ninja BL660 Review

When it comes to kitchen multitaskers, there may be no better tool than a quality countertop blender. They’re able to create a wide range of iced beverages like milkshakes and smoothies and are indispensable for homemade soups and purees. However, we’ve all had the experience of working with low-quality blenders that break or burn out when they’re needed most. That’s why it pays to invest in quality.

The Ninja BL660 has certainly earned a reputation for quality, but many are left wondering whether it’s earned its place as one of this year’s top blenders. If you’ve been scouring the web for more information on this leading model, look no further. 

Through a complete breakdown of features, analysis of thousands of customer reviews, and side-by-side comparison with other brands and models, I’ve put together the definitive guide. Take a look for yourself, and see whether it’s worth a spot on your kitchen counter.

Ninja BL660

Unpacking the Features

There are a number of features that help the Ninja BL660 stand out from the competition. To make sure you’re getting the most for your money, it pays to take the time to understand them each individually. Whether you’re interested in power, versatility, or ease of use, the information is here at your fingertips.

What’s Included with the Ninja BL660

Here’s a quick breakdown of everything that comes included with this Ninja professional blender:

  • 72 oz Total Crushing Pitcher which is large enough to serve smoothies for the whole family and is great at crushing ice.
  • Two 16 oz single serve containers (Nutri Ninja cups) that let you blend and serve smaller servings for a quick snack.
  • Two to-go lids are designed to simplify on-the-go beverages.
  • A Pro Extractor Blades Assembly helps break down fruits and vegetables and maximize nutrient extraction.
  • An Inspiration Guide full of recipes and tips to get you started.

Powered for High Performance

A countertop blender’s power is measured in watts, which determines the speed of the motor as well as how well it cuts through solid matter. Blenders usually range between 200 and 1,500 watts. Equipped with a 1,100-watt motor, the Ninja BL660 is a powerful blender at the top of this range, allowing it to blend almost anything you like, even if you’re making kale smoothies or need to crush ice regularly.

Of course, there are more powerful blenders on the market, though they usually cost a bit more. If you’re looking for commercial-grade power, you may have to expand your budget.

Extra-Large Pitcher

The main vessel included with this Ninja blender is the Total Crushing Pitcher, which is a full 72 oz. To give you an idea of the size of this, it’s enough to fill six regular-size drinking glasses. That makes it a great choice if you’re blending drinks for company.

However, it also means you’re working with a bit of extra bulk, even if you’re only making a smaller batch. This can add a bit of hassle to the process and makes storage a bit more difficult. It’s part of the reason why the smaller single serve Nutri Ninja cups are included, which allow you to make a single-size serving without the need for the bulky pitcher.

A Versatile Six-Blade System

Included in the Total Crushing Pitcher is Ninja’s six-blade system. It may look a little different than typical countertop blender blades, though it produces quality results. In addition to turning-out creamy blended fruit drinks, it’s also great at crushing ice. The central rod is lined with blades from top to bottom, meaning that it is able to achieve a faster and more thorough blend than blenders with bottom-mounted blades only.

Pared-Down Controls

It’s my belief that even high-tech kitchen gadgets should be simple to use for anyone. The Ninja BL660 follows this philosophy, with a good balance between a selection of settings and simple controls.

The front panel includes a total of five buttons, including power, pulse, and three separate blending speeds. The other functions, such as ice crushing and compact Nutri Ninja Cup servings, are all handled through separate attachments. Overall, its operation is completely intuitive, though it does have fewer speed settings than other blenders.

What Customers Are Saying

There are thousands of customer reviews and ratings across the web, all with something unique to say about the Ninja professional blender BL660. After combing through the most useful comments and comparing them with my own personal experience in the kitchen, I’ve noticed a few trends.

Overall, home cooks have plenty of positive things to say about this blender, scoring it an average of 4.8 out of 5 stars. With more than 32,000 ratings on Amazon alone, this speaks highly of the product’s quality and reliability. The favorite features were the extra-large pitcher which allowed them to create a wide range of different smoothies, soups, and purees.

Of course, not all of the reviews were positive, and a number of customers had their own critiques to share. With a few exceptions, these mostly involved the lack of features found on more expensive blenders and negative experiences with customer service. While it’s worth considering these points in more detail, I think it’s also important to keep in mind that the one- and two-star reviews make up only three percent of total reviews.

Below, I compiled the most common pros and cons mentioned in customer reviews. Take a closer look for yourself to get a better idea of what this Ninja blender offers.


Users had much to say when it came to the advantages of this Ninja professional blender. Here are the highlights:

  • High-capacity Pitcher – This was probably the most commonly-mentioned feature of this blender, and it’s easy to see why. Not only does it allow you to create larger batches of food, but it also simplifies cleaning and improves versatility.
  • Dishwasher-safe – Users agree that going with a dishwasher-safe blender is a must. If you’ve ever been stuck scrubbing the hummus off of tiny blender blades, you’ll understand why.
  • Versatile – With the combination of the six-blade system in the main pitcher, as well as two single serve cups, this blender can be used for anything from frozen fruits to green smoothies and baby food to nut butter.
  • High-performance power – Not all foods require a high-powered blender, however, users appreciated that they could make mayonnaise and thick hummus with this model.  With the 1100 watt motor, you can create anything you like.
  • Affordable – Of course, many of the points listed above would be moot if the blender costs $900. Luckily, it’s available at a price that anyone can afford and which most reviewers found to be more than fair.


Some of the most common complaints about this blender included these points:

  • Noisy – Since this blender is designed with power in mind, it can be a bit noisy at times. But then again, what blender isn’t?
  • Leaky Lid – Several customers noted that the lid is prone to leaking while the blender is in use. However, it seems that this is only an issue when the 72 oz pitcher is near full.
  • Customer Service Issues – Several buyers mentioned that customer service wasn’t as responsive as they had hoped and that they weren’t always able to get a refund on the product when needed.

Side-by-Side Comparisons

Sometimes the best way to feel confident in your purchase is to see how it stacks up against the competition. Take a look at these models and see how they compare to the Ninja BL660. For more quality blenders, take a look at our list of best blenders with a glass jar.

Ninja BN401 Nutri Pro

Ninja offers a wide range of different blenders in a variety of shapes and sizes. On the opposite end of the spectrum from the BL660 is the Ninja BN401 Nutri Pro. It has a much smaller pitcher at just 24 oz, as well as paired down controls and a shrunken price tag. It’s designed to make two servings of slushies or smoothies at a time. This makes it a great choice for couples, students, or those with limited kitchen space looking for a personal blender.

Oster Pro 1200

Oster is one of the other leading names in kitchen gadgets, with a strong selection of personal blenders of their own. One stand-out model is their Oster Pro 1200, which sets the bar for versatility. The first thing you’ll notice about this blender is the control panel. When compared to the Ninja BL660’s three speed settings, this one offers seven settings in total, along with a mini food processor attachment. Of course, it doesn’t have the same capacity, at less than 60 oz.

You may want to consider this blender if you’re looking for something a bit smaller and want a few extra features. With this in mind, it’s well priced and highly-reviewed.

Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Blender

The Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Blender comes with more than just a cool name, it offers an extra-wide pitcher and durable blade that specializes in crushing ice. It’s advertised to deliver consistently smooth results, and with a three-year warranty, you can tell Hamilton Beach is confident in its claim. The main downside is that it runs on 700 watts, which is only about ⅔ of the power of the Ninja BL660. However, for most applications, the 400-watt difference won’t make the difference.

NutriBullet ZNBF30500Z

As one of the closest approximations to the Ninja BL660, the NutriBullet ZNBF30500Z offers a good balance of features at an affordable price. Its main pitcher is slightly smaller at 64 oz, though its powerful motor is slightly stronger at 1200 watts. It also includes a smaller blending vessel designed to be taken on the go, just like the Ninja’s single-serve smoothie cup. All in all, it’s a good alternative, especially for those who are looking for something slightly smaller.

Finding Replacement Parts

Since Ninja is an established company, finding replacement parts won’t be difficult. Whether you need a replacement pitcher, lid, or base, Amazon is a great place to start. You can also try their website to find more information.

Wrapping Up

In the end, it’s hard not to recommend the Ninja BL660. Offering a good balance of power, versatility, and ease of use, it brings a design that’s good for a variety of uses at a price anybody can afford. If you’re looking for a reliable kitchen multitasker that’s made to last, you won’t be disappointed.

The exception to this may be home cooks who plan on regularly making two or three servings of smoothies at a time. While the Ninja Nutri Cups are a great single-serving option, and the 72 oz pitcher is designed for big batches, there isn’t really a great middle ground. This doesn’t mean you can’t make medium-sized batches, just that it may be a bit more cumbersome.

Even if you think a smaller option may be the better choice, chances are you’ll be paying the same amount. As long as you have the storage space in your kitchen cabinets, my advice would be to go with the Ninja professional blender BL660. To check it out today on Amazon, click the link below!

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