Vegetable Smoothie Recipes

Getting more vegetables into your diet doesn’t mean you have to have endless salads! With the help of your trusty blender, you can take all sorts of vegetables and turn them into amazing smoothies. In fact, working more vegetable smoothies into your diet can help to expand your view of the world of vegetables. Even if some of the combinations may seem a bit outlandish, trust us when we say all these recipes are worth a try!

Vegetable Smoothie Recipes

1. Beet Red Smoothie

This beet smoothie has tons of vitamins and minerals. If you want to get more beets into your diet, this is a great way to get all the benefits of beets without having to put them in salads or eat them plain. The pineapple brings the perfect amount of sweetness to this smoothie. Click here for the recipe!

2. Broccoli Smoothie

This super simple Broccoli smoothie recipe will make getting more fiber filled veggies into your diet a breeze. Speaking of breeze, pineapple makes another appearance here to sweeten things up a bit. With just 4 ingredients, you can make this smoothie before heading out the door in the morning or if you need an afternoon pick me up. If you want to see just how delicious drinking your broccoli can be, check out the recipe here!

3. Kale Banana Smoothie

With just 5 ingredients (1 being water), you can be on your way to kale smoothie heaven in no time. This kale banana smoothie also has pineapple and strawberries to give your smoothie both a color and a flavor boost. Click here to get the recipe!

4. Tomato Juice Vegetable Smoothie

This Tomato Juice Vegetable smoothie really packs the veggies in here by having a tomato juice base. Add in 4 more vegetables plus basil and this smoothie packs a serious vegetable punch! If you’re ready to really step up your veggie game, click here for the recipe!

5. Radish Green Smoothie

Did you ever think of using your radish greens in a smoothie? Neither did we! Lucky for us, Smily over at Jelly Toast Blog did. This recipe combines apples, bananas, and blueberries with radish greens to give you a delicious and nutritious smoothie. To get the recipe for yourself, click here!

6. Carrot Cake Smoothie

While it may have cake in its name, we can assure you this is a lot healthier than cake! This smoothie has a rich carrot flavor and a thick texture that will keep you feeling full for hours after you drink it. We swaped the coconut milk for oat milk and were definitely not disappointed! To get the full recipe, click here!

7. Brussel Sprout Smoothie

Brussels sprouts seem to have really made a comeback in recent years and we are so glad they did! In addition to being delicious when roasted, brussels sprouts are also incredible as a smoothie base. If you are ready to try this incredible brussels sprouts smoothie for yourself, get the recipe here!

Wrapping Up

If you’re looking to get more vegetables into your diet, trying some (or all!) of these smoothie recipes would be a great way to do so. These veggie smoothies are filling and full of nutrients so they make a great breakfast if you need to get out the door in a hurry but don’t want to skip breakfast. Looking for an afternoon pick me up? A vegetable smoothie is a great way to keep you going throughout the afternoon!