Vitamix 5200 Review

Whether you want a quick and easy way to make healthy smoothies, whip up a fresh batch of decadent chocolate shakes, or puree fresh soup, it pays to have a quality blender on hand. Since they’re so versatile, blenders are any home cook’s best friend. This is why it makes sense to invest in one that’s made to last.

The Vitamix 5200 is one of the most highly-rated blenders on the market, with plenty of features to brag on. However, even with thousands of positive reviews online, it’s not always easy to tell whether it’s worth the price tag. To find the best blender, you’d need an informed opinion.

That’s why I’ve taken the time to do the work for you. After exhaustive research, side-by-side comparisons, and analysis of thousands of customer reviews, I’ve put together this comprehensive guide. Take a look at my Vitamix 5200 review to learn more about this standout blender model before buying, or consider one of the other high-end options listed.


Ideally, a blender should offer a good balance between a selection of features, and a simple design. This seems to be the philosophy behind the Vitamix 5200, which offers a good range of settings, but not so many that most of them go unused. While there are certainly bigger, more powerful, more high-tech options out there, this one represents a happy medium between them.

What’s Included

The Vitamix 5200 is 20 inches tall, with a base of 8.75 by 7.25 inches, weighing a little over ten pounds. This makes it large enough to make a batch of smoothies for the whole family while staying compact enough to fit into already-cramped kitchen cabinets. The blender comes with the following components:

  • 120 V motor base
  • 64 oz capacity pitcher
  • 6 ft cord
  • Classic tamper
  • Getting Started guide
  • Informational DVD

Simple Controls Packed with Versatility

The controls on this blender are designed with simplicity in mind, letting you blend and puree with minimal hassle. The front control panel includes a dial that lets you adjust between ten variable speed settings, on/off switch, and a pulse speed switch. While it does lack some of the more advanced features of other blenders, it delivers on power and is a great choice for most kitchen tasks.

64 oz Pitcher

Considering that a single serving of milkshake or smoothies is about 12 oz, this pitcher is able to turn out five servings at once. It’s also large enough to puree a full pot of soup. This makes it a good choice for entertaining or families, without eating too much precious kitchen storage space. It is constructed of durable plastic, so you won’t have to worry about blending hot soup off the stove or any frozen dessert.

Hardened Stainless Steel Blades

The blades at the bottom of the 64 oz pitcher container are made of aircraft-grade stainless steel. That means it’s durable, rust-proof, and strong enough to cut through even the toughest smoothie ingredients. Everything from carrots and celery to ice cubes is fair game, widening your cooking repertoire.

Blade Friction Heating

Did you know that this blender can heat soup without the need for a stove or instant pot? Its stainless steel blades spin so fast that they can heat liquids through the power of friction. It only takes about six minutes before your tomato bisque is steaming hot and ready to serve.


The only downside of a large, 64 oz pitcher is that someone has to clean it when the blending is done. Luckily, this one is self-cleaning, requiring only a bit of soap, warm water, and 60 seconds. Just add a bit of soap and water to the blender and turn it on its highest setting to wash away excess grease and food debris. You can also pop it in the dishwasher if you prefer.

Specially-Designed Tamper

The included tamper is specially designed to help when blending stubborn mixes like hummus or nut butter. Think of it as a safer and more convenient alternative to sticking a kitchen spoon inside the pitcher while blending.

7-Year Warranty

Since a quality blender is such an important investment, it makes sense to choose quality. With this Vitamix blender, you won’t have to worry whether the manufacturer is confident in their product. They offer a seven-year warranty at the time of purchase, letting you rest assured that you’re not misspending your money.

Customer Reviews and Ratings

On the whole, owners of the Vitamix 5200 rated it highly, scoring it an average of 4.7 out of 5, across more than 5,000 ratings. Out of these, 97% of reviews were three stars or higher, while only 2% were one star. This places it among the most highly-rated blenders on amazon.

Positive Reviews

Customers who rated the blender highly often had different features that they found most useful. Here is a selection of the most commonly mentioned features in three, four, and five-star reviews:

  • Powerful – Far and away, the most common comment on the Vitamix 5200 blender was on its power. Customers loved how they were able to blend and puree anything they needed.
  • Easy to use – Many customers mentioned the paired-down control panel in their reviews. They said it made it more fun and easy to make smoothies.
  • Reliable – Many positive comments mentioned bad experiences with other blenders that broke and burned out. They confirmed after months or, in some cases, years of ownership that their Vitamix was still functioning correctly.
  • Size – Nearly everyone who reviewed this blender found its size to be a good medium that’s not too big or small.

Negative Reviews

Of course, this blender also has its share of negative reviews by people who had less positive experiences. While these were in the minority, there were still some trends worth considering:

  • Expensive – Even people who liked the blender did occasionally find it on the expensive side. Whether or not it’s worth the price is still a matter of debate among some buyers.
  • Noisy – While many reviewers found this Vitamix model to be reasonably quiet for a blender, there were others who found it too loud.
  • Plastic pitcher – Some negative reviews mentioned scratches and other wear and tear inside the plastic pitcher over time. They said they would have preferred tempered glass.

How it Stands Up Against Other Products

When shopping for a high-end blender, it pays to consider all the available options. Before making your choice, be sure to take a close look at all of these top options, or consider one of the others I have reviewed.

Vitamix Pro A3500

Consider this Vitamix model a step up from the 5200, with a digital display, a more powerful motor, and several extra features at your disposal. The pre-programmed settings include smoothies, hot soups, dips and spreads, frozen desserts, and self-cleaning, which can each be activated at the press of a button. Of course, all of these extra features come with a heftier price tag, though it could be a good option if you’re looking for the best Vitamix blender.

Ommo Professional Countertop Blender

In comparison with our Vitamix model, the Ommo Professional countertop blender is similar in many respects. One key difference is the control panel, which offers a digital display as well as several presets. For some users, this proves to be a worthwhile convenience, while others might find it more hassle than is necessary. There’s also a significant price discrepancy between the two blenders, with the Ommo coming in much cheaper. While it may be tempting to go for the lower price, keep in mind that this also means it will wear out faster and may only last a few years before burning out.

PakOne Countertop Smoothie Blender

This sleek blender by PakOne works much like the Vitamix 5200 blender, with a front dial to control speed and paired-down controls for no-hassle blending. However, it comes equipped with an 1800 watt motor that gives it an extra boost of power. This can be an advantage if you need to blend on high speed, but keep in mind that it also means it’s a bit louder. However, many user reviews have reported that it functions quietly enough for their needs.

KitchenAid KSB4027PA K400

The KitchenAid KSB4027PA K400 is a little smaller than our Vitamix blender and is also a bit less powerful. This means it could be a good choice for those who are looking for a quieter model that’s easier to store. The controls are also a little more paired down, with just a single dial to control blend speed and an on/off button. Overall, it is a solid choice, but one that might leave some cooks wishing for extra features. As a bonus, it comes in a selection of five different colors, letting you match it to your kitchen decor.

Cuisinart CBT-2000

The best thing about the Cuisinart CBT-2000 is its power. It’s called the Hurricane for a reason, as it’s backed up by 3.5 horsepower. That means it can speed up to 30,000 rpm to chew through tough blends and whip up a batch of smoothies in the blink of an eye. It also has a high-tech digital interface, letting you monitor the speed and selection of presets without hassle. It’s a great option for anyone who thinks they have a need for its souped-up power. However, if you’re only occasionally making smoothies, all of its features and power might be more trouble than they’re worth.

NutriBullet ZNBF30400Z

What I like about this NutriBullet blender is its wide container, which is great when blending thick mixes. It also simplifies cleaning. In comparison with the Vitamix 5200 blender, the pitcher is the same volume, just a different shape. It has a 1200 watt motor, which is plenty of power for most common blending tasks. The controls, however, are a little simpler, consisting of just three speeds and a pulse option. This means it’s a good option for casual use, which is also reflected in its lower price.

Replacement Parts

The great thing about choosing an established name in cooking goods is that replacement parts are readily available. Whether you need a pitcher, base, lid, or tamper for your Vitamix blender, all it takes is a quick visit to their website to find what you need. If your blender is still under warranty, you may be able to have replacement parts shipped to you free of charge.

My Verdict

With all of the information on this blender available online, there was plenty to consider when making my final decision. Now that you’ve ready my Vitamix 5200 review, let me break down my thought process for you here.

What I Like

The standout feature of this blender is its quality construction and reliability. With a 7-year warranty, you know the manufacturer is confident in their product, and for good reason. Everything from the stainless steel blade to the motor base and 64 oz container are solidly constructed.

In addition, its pared-down design is a great way to save time and hassle. Especially if you’re not the type that enjoys kitchen gadgets, this simple operation will be a breath of fresh air.

What I Don’t Like

Even though this blender has many good qualities to boast about, the fact is that its 120-volt motor isn’t the most impressive. It is still powerful enough to blend any fruit or vegetable you throw at it, though it may chug a bit if you’re making thick hummus or almond butter shakes. Also, while the pared-down control panel may be refreshing to some, others may find it limiting or lacking in features they wish they had available.

The Final Analysis

Overall, I found the Vitamix 5200 to be a powerful, reliable, and easy-to-use machine that is a good choice for most needs. While it isn’t the most powerful, or the largest, or have the most features, the fact is that most home cooks are looking for something simple that they can rely on for years. If that sounds like you, this blender is likely just what you need. To check it out on Amazon, click the button below!

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