Vitamix Aer Disc Container Review

Are you looking to take your blending to the next level? The Vitamix Aer Disc Container can help take it there.

The Vitamix Aer Disc is a blending container that works with most Vitamix blenders and will allow you to whip, emulsify, muddle, and foam with your blender.

By adding these capabilities to your blender, you’ll be able to create culinary creations that aren’t possible with a regular blender container.

In this review of the Vitamix Aer Disc Container, we’ll take a closer look at this Vitamix add on and help you decide whether or not its right for you.

How Does the Vitamix Aer Work?

First things first, how does it work?

The Vitamix Aer Disc looks just like a blender container with blades, until you look at the “blades.” Instead of having the typical blades, the Vitamix Aer has a disc with holes in it. Instead of using blades to cut through your contents, the disc pulls your contents through the holes in order to add air to them.

By adding air into your ingredients, you can create all sorts of delicious airy foods. With this air adding capability, you can whip, muddle, emulsify, and foam just about anything you could dream of.

What Can You Make With the Aer Disc?

While having this new capability in your kitchen may seem exciting, what can you really make with it? The Vitamix Aer disc will allow you to make all sorts of light and delicious foods. Let’s go through the basic functions of the Vitamix Aer with just a few ideas of each one. However this is just to get the ideas flowing, click here to get a full list of recipes you can make with the Vitamix Aer Disc Container.


For an easy start, you can make whipped cream just using 1 ingredient – cream! If you get tired of just plain whipped cream, you can add your favorite fruits to make an endless amount of whipped cream variations.


If you aren’t familiar with emulsification, it’s the process of blending two liquids that usually wouldn’t stick together in a way that makes them stay together. Some common examples of things that are emulsified are mayo and salad dressing.

As a home cook with the ability to emulsify things, you can make delicious sauces and dressings without the need to whisk anything.


Looking to up your skills as a home bartender? The Vitamix Aer Disc container will allow you to muddle herbs and fruit without having to do so by hand.

With the Aer disc you can make mojitos with fresh mint or just add some variety to your water with muddled fresh fruit.


If you want to make professional coffee drinks and cocktails right in your home kitchen, the ability to make your own foam with the Vitamix Aer disc will help you get there. When making milk foam, skim milk works the best given the fat and protein content. With this added ability in your kitchen, you may have the whole neighborhood coming over for coffee!

The Details

Now that you know some more about how the Vitamix Aer disc works, let’s go over some common questions.

Which Vitamix machines does the Aer disc work with?

The Vitamix Aer Disc container works with all Vitamix machines other than the space saving models.

What’s it made out of?

Similar to other Vitamix containers, the Aer disc container is made from BPA free plastic.

How do you clean it?

The Aer disc container can be cleaned using the self cleaning function with a little bit of soap and can also be put right into the dishwasher.

What speed does it work best with?

The speed that is best will depend on the recipe and what texture you are going for.

How big is it?

The Vitamix Aer Disc container is a 48 ounce container.

What Are Other Customers Saying?

With an item like this, it can be helpful to see what other users have to say about the item. Overall, the Aer disc has been very well received for being a rather unique item. On Amazon, the Aer disc has a 4.6/5 rating with over 500 reviews.

Other users of the Aer disc love how creative they can get in the kitchen when the Aer disc is added to their arsenal. Many users are using the Aer disc to make their own drinks, typically coffee drinks or cocktails.

If you’re looking to add to your breakfast menu, you’ll be in good company. Many users have used the Aer disc to make their own hollandaise sauce for eggs benedict.

Overall, the Aer disc has been very well received for users who have been able to put it to specific use. Some people say that the Aer disc container isn’t very versatile, but it’s not meant to be an all purpose item.

Wrapping Up

At the end of the day, the Vitamix Aer Disc container is an excellent item for those looking to add some specific functionality to their kitchen. That said, it’s not for everyone. If you have no interest in whipping, emulsifying, muddling, and foaming anything your heart desires, this may not be a great product for you.

On the other hand, if you can’t wait to make your own batch of mojitos or whipped cream for your next dinner party, the Vitamix Aer disc would be the perfect addition to your kitchen. To check it out on Amazon, click the button below!

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