Simple Vanilla Protein Shake Recipe

If you have a NutriBullet blender and are looking for a simple protein shake recipe to make that you satisfy your vanilla cravings, you’re in luck! This vanilla protein shake is delicious, satisfying, and super simple to make.

This protein shake makes a perfect afternoon snack or post workout treat. Some days when I’m in a hurry to get out the door and don’t want to start the day on an empty stomach, it serves as a filling breakfast.

To make this protein shake at home, you’ll only need a few things.

The Ingredients:

  • A blender (NutriBullet makes it easy)
  • Vanilla protein powder of choice (I use grass fed Whey)
  • Milk of choice (I used unsweetened coconut)
  • 1 banana
  • Handful of blueberries
  • Ice

After you’ve got all your ingredients, it’s time to get on the road to protein shake perfection. Here are the 5 simple steps you can take to make this protein shake at home!

Step 1: Add the Protein

You can really add the ingredients in any order you want, but I typically start things off with the protein.

I use a Grass Fed Whey protein, but your protein powder of choice will work. I usually just do 1 serving size based on the container. If you had a tough workout or just need to get some extra protein in, add another scoop!

protein in a container

Step 2: Add the Fruit

After you have your protein ready to go, the next step is to add your fruit. For this recipe, I added one large banana and a handful of blueberries. If you’re a fan of other berries, add them in here!

blueberries and a banana in a blender

Step 3: Add the Ice and Milk

Once you’ve got your fruit added to the mix, add some ice cubes and your milk of choice. I used 3 ice cubes and coconut milk. The more ice you add, the thicker your shake will be.

Step 4: Blend it Up

With all the ingredients added, it’s time to let the blender work it’s magic! If you have a NutriBullet blender, just screw on the top and connect the top to the base. Once your shake seems to have a smooth consistency, it’s good to go.

Step 5: Enjoy!

Now that your shake is all blended up, it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labor! If you used a NutriBullet, you can simply unscrew the cap and use the container as a cup!

protein shake from the top

Wrapping Up

And there you have it. A simple vanilla protein shake recipe that can be altered to your liking. If you want to pack even more flavor into the shake, add a scoop of almond or peanut butter. Not only will you get the rich nutty flavor, it will also give your shake a thicker texture.

With a NutriBullet blender, you can easily work this shake into your daily routine. The ease of use and ease of cleaning make this blender a no brainer if you’re looking for something simple! If you really want to dive into the world of protein shake recipes, check out some of our favorite recipes by clicking here!